Web Hosting Terms and Conditions

We provide excellent web hosting service with personal ‘concierge level’ support and timely response to any enquiries, and take our responsibility for hosting your website and/or emails very seriously.

We like to build lifetime relationships with clients – we just don’t want ‘liabilities’. As our client, we expect you to act with integrity and keep your account up to date. In return, we will provide the best web hosting and service available in Australia.

It’s that simple!

Terms and Conditions

The terms of our hosting are strictly in advance. We do not provide free hosting, except when we have built a website for a client, we often host it for them free for a period of time – usually 3 months. Or, if we are doing other monthly services for a client, we will sometimes ‘throw in hosting’ – this means we don’t bill you for hosting, but that doesn’t mean it’s free – it’s extra value we add, because you are a valued client.

Paid Hosting clients

If your account is not paid by the due date (default), your web hosting service will be suspended.

Free Hosting Clients

For clients getting free hosting because they have other services and we’ve never billed you: we reserve the right to suspend your websites if you are behind on your payments for other services.

Our ‘more than fair’ policy – this links to the Business Marketing Agency, which we are a separate department of, but the same business – means we don’t do this without giving you a chance to rectify the matter.

Defaulting Clients

We take your previous payment history into account. If your account has never been in default before, we may send you reminder emails. If you have been a client of ours for a long time, we don’t rush into debt collection and writing you demanding emails. We know something must have come up!

However if you have defaulted before, or do it too often, we reserve the right to suspend your hosting account without notice.

Defaulting on your account voids any discounted rate you may have been on, or us providing you ‘free’ hosting as a value add. This means we are not prepared to offer you discounted or free hosting at any time in the future.

If we continue to host your site, it will be at the standard monthly rate for our Webhosting and Maintenance Package.

After a default, once your account is restored to good standing, we will continue to provide hosting for you at our standard rate of $99 per month incl GST on the further condition that your payment will occur either by us debiting your credit card for you, or by Paypal using this link.

Easiest is that you simply provide your credit card details and we process your account each month, or you can use Paypal recurring billing.

Paypal starts billing you the day you pay using the link, and that may not coincide with our billing date we have on file for you. This means you may need to make one manual payment to make up the pro rata difference. If this is the case, we will let you know.

In certain circumstances at our discretion, we will also accept direct debit that you set up with your bank.

Once you are on automatic billing, we will send you an invoice as usual 2 weeks before your due date, and if by credit card, we will then manually process your card on or prior to the due date using Commonwealth Secure BPoint processing.

Paypal payments are taken out monthly.


If we try to take payment from your card or Paypal and payment bounces (credit card is over limit, or has expired, etc) that will constitute another default, your account will be suspended again, and penalties will apply. It is your responsibility to make sure we have been provided a current credit card with enough credit to process payment for the service you agreed to monthly.

A penalty fee of $30 will be charged for every default, added to the following month’s bill should you continue to have us host your website.

If payment is more than 14 days late, there will be a $240 fee to restore your site’s hosting for that month.

After 30 days, if you are still in default, we will delete all your files (and you will not be able to recover them.)

If you wish to move hosting, you will have to restore your account to good standing including any penalties, set up new hosting, and move your files and emails before the next billing cycle, when we will suspend your account and then terminate it after a further 30 days. You will also have to contact us to obtain your Cpanel access codes if you don’t already have them.

Contact us if your site has been suspended.